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airwave 8.2.4

Hello guys

I got a client which have been with airwave for a while he comes from version 7.x

Now he has 8.2  and wants to upgrade to 8.2.4 for the wired topology feature.

also they have grown up in access points a lot

They actually have like 120GB of HD on thei virtual machine.   It doesnt seems near full it still has a lot of HD space to go.


They have right now like 200 APS and like 65 Switches(just monitoring)

If i go to the sizer of aruba ASE it says it needs 360GB or something like this

Like i said the HD space looks good even if its not near those 360GB which got me confused.   The client saw he has enoguh space still so i dont know if i shoudl recommend to migrate everything to  a new server with the 360GB  or it can wait?


Any Adivice on this? Rgin? :) 

Or anyone?




Product Manager - Aruba Networks
Alternetworks Corp
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