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ap-105 signal


  I have a wireless ap105 and have a clients complaining about the connectivity.    I went over and ran isSSIDer to see the signal and when I did a time graph and it looks like a persons erratic heartbeat on a ERG machine.   (in about 1 minute you see the signal strength jump from -10 to -53. (it'll do this about 30 - 40 times per minute)   The laptop is not moving nor is the access point in the ceiling (LOL)    Other places the signal strength fluctuates a bit not like this.


This isnt just one access point, its about 6 of them.       


Any ideas?  HELP! 

Aruba Employee

Re: ap-105 signal

What code is running on your controller?


Also, check the following command to see if the AP-105 is actually changing power levels:


show ap arm history ap-name xxxx (where xxxx is one of the APs that you are seeing fluctuate).


Do you see power/channel changes happening often?

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