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ap-277 LLDP

Hi all,

I have some trouble getting ap-277's to work properly on a Cisco WS-C2960S-48FPS-L. I think it is the software version that is the problem, but I don't know for sure.

The problem is that the ap's don't advertise any radio because of LLDP not negotiating the POE settings.


Output of a "show ap debug system-status <ap-name> | begin "Power Status" " on the Local Controller:

Power Status
Operational State POE-AF: Ethernet port 1 disabled; All radios disabled;
----------------- ------------------------------------------------------
Current HW State POE-AF: Ethernet port 1 disabled; All radios disabled;
LLDP Negotiated POE Power 0.0W


Output of "show lldp neighbor <interfacename> detail" som output has been blocked with ****:

Chassis id: ****
Port id: ****
Port Description: eth0
System Name: ****

System Description:
ArubaOS (MODEL: 277), Version (51619)

Time remaining: 108 seconds
System Capabilities: B,W
Enabled Capabilities - not advertised
Management Addresses:
IP: ****
Auto Negotiation - supported, enabled
Physical media capabilities:
Media Attachment Unit type: 30
Vlan ID: - not advertised
Power via MDI:
Power Pair: Signal
Power Class: 4
Power Device Type: 2
Power Source: PSE
Power Priority: Unknown
Power Requested: 25500 mW

Total entries displayed: 1


I also have a AP-277 that does work. It is on another switch with a higher software version.

When I debug the LLDP traffic on the switch where the ap-277 does not work, I get the following messages in the log of the switch:

13333021: Dec 9 08:41:37.964 CET: LLDP unknown tlv type 127 recd - ignoring it
13333022: Dec 9 08:41:37.964 CET: LLDP malformed optional TLV 127 found - ignored


I don't get these messages on the switch where the ap-277 does work.

Any suggestions?

Re: ap-277 LLDP

You likely need to upgrade the siwtch version to the latest code, Cisco had some issues with early IOS versions that didn't properly recognize LLDP frames. You could also try to just enable max power on the switch, there's been a few posts within the AirHeads community on that, but Iwould upgrade the switch IOS first.

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Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer
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