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ap ant 92

if i were to mount an AP ANT 92 with lightening arrestors and pigtail cables, what are the model and part numbers for arrestors and pigtail cables?


plus, do i need one arrestor per antenna cable?


thank you.

Re: ap ant 92

For arestors, I would add the AP-LAR-1.  You need one lightning arrestor PER antenna.  Our lightning arrestors include cellular interference filters as well - an added bonus!


For extension cables, we have part numbers ANT-CBL-1 (1m), ANT-CBL-2 (2m) plus a few more...


It is also recommended to order the antenna mounting kit with the ANT-92 (AP-ANT-MNT-1).


Also...see this document for more ordering details! http://www.arubanetworks.com/pdf/products/CG_AP-175.pdf


Also here as well - http://www.arubanetworks.com/wp-content/uploads/AP_OutdoorPointToPoint.pdf

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Re: ap ant 92

i've read the specs and it says that arrestors also need to be grounded. do you guys carry a grounding kit? 


I will be installing an AP 224, arrestors, pigtail cables, and ANT 92. Will this work? PN: ANT-CBL-1 (Aruba Outdoor RF Cable 1M Long N/M to N/M Flexible Jumper). Correct me if i am wrong but this wouldn't work because pigtail cable has male typed connectors on each end.


for example, AP 224 (female) - Arrestors (male - female) - cable ( male - male) - Antenna ( Male).

do you have male - female pigtail cables?


Thank you



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