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ap-uplink-acl - What are the defaults

I just discovered that the RAPs I'm deploying are pingable on their outside (port 0) IP and found that the ap-uplink-acl included a blanket icmp allow rule.  Since our internal APs have the same session ACL, I decided to create one specifically for RAPs.  I want to configure this new rap-uplink-acl with the rules that ap-uplink-acl would have by default, assuming the defaults are considered secure for RAPs.  Does anyone happen to know the defaults for ap-uplink-acl?

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Re: ap-uplink-acl - What are the defaults

Here are the defaults: 


IPv4anyanyudp 68permit  Low      
IPv4anyanysvc-icmppermit  Low      
IPv4anyhost 5353permit  Low
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