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ap225 transmit rate



I just installed a couple AP225's connected to a 7210 controller. The customer has a Gig pipe throught his ISP and when connected to the switch with a cable, the download rate (speedtest) is 600 megs+. 


When we plug in the AP into the same cable and connect using AC, the download rate drops to around 60 megs. The APs are running in power saving mode due to .3af. He is using a Mac and has confirmed that AC is being used. His transfer rate on the Mac is showing 720megs.


Can anyone help with determining where this bottle neck is? The controller is running and from what I've read, there should be no performance difference while in power saving mode. Its connected using one of the ethernet ports on the controller.


The APs are the controller are connected to the same switch. The switch is plugged directly into the router for service. All ethernet connections.

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Re: ap225 transmit rate

Please open a support case to make sure you have everything correct. Wireless is half duplex, so you cannot expect the throughout of the associated rate. In addition, things like other clients, aggregation, windowing, scan time, CPU utilization, applications on the host computer that put it off channel will decrease performance. Non 802.11ac devices also play their part in consuming airtime that decreases throughput. Manufacturers have just started writing drivers for AC devices, so that could play the most important factor. Driver optimizations have and will continue to come to increase performance.

Please contact TAC to ensure that you have all of your bases covered.


EDIT:  Also use iperf internally rather than rely on external internet speedtests, because you can eliminate things like serialization delays, low window size, etc..


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Re: ap225 transmit rate

ya, he is not expecting the same results, but he should definitely be getting more than 60 megs. He is the only one connected to the network.


I'll ping TAC and see if he has iperf.


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Re: ap225 transmit rate

Hi! please recheck download and upload troughput on an open ssid (without encryption)! If it works on open ssid please inform TAC
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