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ap93 and 802.11n requirements

Hi, do the AP93's require a 1gb connection to the switch to allow 802.11n speeds?  I have them connected at 100mb and the light is yellow but we have HT enabled.


We also are using WPA-TKIP so I think that will be limiting us to 54mbs. 


Is there anything else we need to consider?  we are running at 2.4mhz so hopefully expecting about 144mb connections?



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Re: ap93 and 802.11n requirements

The AP-93 doesnt "require" 1Gb to work at 802.11n speeds.  If you are not bonding channels, which you probably wont since you are running in the 2.4GHz spectrum, you wont have true data rates above ~75Mb/sec (~140Mb/sec connection rate), even in pristine environments.


You will, however, need to use AES or no encryption.

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Re: ap93 and 802.11n requirements

Thanks for clarifying

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