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aruba 7030 VRRP setup

On a 7030 controller I setup 5 vlan, one for managment to connect the other controller and ap. To setup a VRRP redudancy I have to setup all the vlan on the other controller or I must setup only the managment vlan and the configurations are replicate from master ?

Thanks for all.


Re: aruba 7030 VRRP setup

At a minimum, you need to setup the managmeent VLAN on the 2nd controller and give it an IP.   The redundancy piece (VRRP) needs to be setup manually on each controller; redundancy information when it comes to VRRP does not sync between master and locals (see below).


Depending on your VLAN setup; you may need to add the other 4 VLANs as well if you want clients to use them if you are using this controller for failover.


Have a look at the following for configuration information:



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Re: aruba 7030 VRRP setup

Yes I need all the vlans for the clients. So also to secondary controller I need I ip for any vlan interface. It's right?

The tracking on vlan or interface is critical or I can choose if I need?



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