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aruba AOS 8.2 : redundancy

Hi Guys,


Can anyone confirm me, wether we can have redundancy between Aruba physical controller and controller installed in the VM running AOS 8.2

Re: aruba AOS 8.2 : redundancy

Mixing VM and HW in a cluster is not supported. I would imagine that you could still use traditional HA-AP Fast Failover, but you're missing out on improved failover features without clustering. Clustering also requires Mobility Master.


Clustering gives you seemless roaming between controllers, hitless client failover, and client load balancing. You can also cluster (4) VMs or (4) 70xx HW Controllers or (12) 72xx HW Controllers, which gives a much greater redundancy than just (2) controllers with traditional HA.

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Re: aruba AOS 8.2 : redundancy



Mharing, thanks for your help.


There one more scenario, where we need to have redundancy between 

Mobility master (AOS 8.2) installed in VM and physical controller like 70XX.


We need, redundancy between the entire mobility master itself not just the VMC's within the mobility master.


Is this possible..


Re: aruba AOS 8.2 : redundancy

Mobility Master cannot service APs, and 70xx controller cannot be a mobility master. Not sure what type of redundancy your looking for but sounds like it's not possible.

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Re: aruba AOS 8.2 : redundancy

In AOS 8 a lot of the functionalities are handle by the Mobility Master so you should consider definitely deploy a Virtual backup MM (which can be deployed in either Layer 2 or Layer 3 mode), the licenses are shared between the two MMs...see here:

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