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aruba controllers upgrade from 6000 M3 to 7210


We are planninto upgrade ocntrollers from 6000 M3 to 7210. We are doing it through flash backup and restore on same 6.3 OS level. The plan is to shutdown interfaces of old controllers and bring up new controllers pair on same config and IP addresses. 


Are there ANy known issues/caution we hsould observe? 


I have heard that there are sometime issues with AP migration to new controllers and they tend to stick on old controllers and require wipeout. 


Any suggestions for upgrade will be appreciated. 



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Re: aruba controllers upgrade from 6000 M3 to 7210



As long as you maintain the same L2 and L3 config in the new controller ( 7210 ), APs will never have any issue.

Plan looks good, but are you planning to take flash backup from 6000 controllers and restore it to the new controller (7210).


Please feel free for any further help on this.

Venu Puduchery,
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Re: aruba controllers upgrade from 6000 M3 to 7210

You may have issues with interface names and numbers changing between platforms, but it should be fairly easy to make the migration.

I don't seen any problem with the APs having to check in with a new master. How are they discovering the master now?



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