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asap_gre_ipv4_err for 3 minutes

I'm testing a new environment and I've brought down the local controller for an IP change.


During this, I plugged in my test AP to check the LMS group and the AP re-bootstrap.


The AP boots and everything seems fine. After it reaches the ~# prompt it starts showing this in console: asap_gre_ipv4_err: Received ICMP (DEST_UNREACH, PROT_UNREACH) from for heartbeat tunnel.

It does that for 3 minutes (power led blinking the whole time) and then it comes up with no problem associated to the master controller and broadcasting.


These two controllers are in the same VLAN and attached to the same switch. The LMS group points to the local first and master second. No HA or VRRP is configured.


any thoughts?


Its not really an issue but I'd like to know the cause for future knowledge. My final design will have a redundant master and redundant locals.




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Re: asap_gre_ipv4_err for 3 minutes

That message means that there was an interruption in traffic between the AP and the controller.  that could mean you have a duplicate ip address for the controller, for the AP.  It could mean other things.  We cannot tell from what you are doing.

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