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have a 7210 controller running with 189 ap105

Recently i noticed some strange behavior of one of my accespoints.

Boots up fine, no strange things to see on console.

After the welcom messages:  <<<Welcome tot the Access Point >>>>>>>

It starts producing:


asap_gre_ipv4_err: Received ICMP (DEST_UNREACH, PROT_UNREACH) from for heartbeat tunnel.

The ap is pingable, but the radio leds do not come up.

After about 5 minutes, the radio leds start to light up and the errors stop.


After about 13 minutes the messages RESTARTING ALL TX

The ap is pingable all the time, and the 2 radio leds are off.

ap is still pingable, but the controller noticed the ap as DOWN.


After about 5 minutes the radio's leds are light up.

This procces is repeating for ever.

Any suggestions?

A reset is possible, but ideas what is causing this trouble are more than welkcom.

AP's are brand new , out of the box




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Re: asap_gre_ipv4_err:

It looks like your AP is having issues reaching the controller.

In the controller you should be able to see a similar message if you run the show log system all | include <ap mac>


Can you ping the controller from the AP ?


Is this the only AP having issues ?

Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
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