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ask vlan in controller




Dear all  


i have aruba controller with vlan existing 400 and 402 for ap, and i create dhcp server in controller for ap with  as default router and i create also vlan 400 and 402 without ip address. the ap get ip address 172.19.0.xx  but why when i create interface vlan 400 and 402 in controller with ip address and suddenly the ap cannot get the ip from dhcp server in controller?

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Re: ask vlan in controller

Does the firewall (named as "Vlan101"?) pass L2 traffic?


Please post relevant configs from the switches/routers/firewalls and the Aruba controller.

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Re: ask vlan in controller

yes there is vlan 101 passing through firewall and i guess everything is fine, the only problem is when i give than  vlan 400 or 402 which is in existing their network my controller suddenly cant connect with ap or cant broadcast the ip address for ap in vlan 400 or 402 but everything is fine if i only create vlan 400 or 402 without ip address. 




Kindly advise

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Re: ask vlan in controller

Is the port on the controller trusted. Did you recently install your first PEF licence?

Look under interface config
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