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assigned vlan not configured


I am seeing alot of messages in my process log of 522028 warn .. assigned vlan ### is not configured using default VLAN ### 

I do not have the assigned VLAN number used ?? The default VLAN is the correct VLAN.

How do I change the assigned VLAN to the correct VLAN (the default VLAN ###)




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Re: assigned vlan not configured

Ive not seen that specific log message. 

Do you have a single controller or do you have a master/local?


I'd check these two area to see if tehre is a vlan assigned. 


The two most common ways to assign vlans are on the VAP or the Role.

Depending on what you are doing either way could be correct. If you are assigning a role by some attiubute (radius,LDAP,some other auth server) then I would assign the vlan by role. If you have a vlan per ssid then then the VAP would the logical way to assign vlans.


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Re: assigned vlan not configured

Also try running the command below, this will show you if any of your VAP's are missing VLAN's


show profile-errors

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