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automatic setting of antenna gain on AP304

Hello, I have to replace about 500 AP of a third party Vendor with Aruba AP-304 with external omni antennas (2dB gain on both radios).

I have an infrastructure with one virtual Mobility Master and a cluster of two Aruba controllers (72xx series). And Airwave as monitoring platform.


I have to minimize the deployment time and the "easyness" of the process because the customer has only basic skill tech people.


Is it possible to automate the setting of the external antenna gain and of the transmit power of the APs?

The goal is to achive a "full ZTP" for the APs with external antennas so the customer has only to connect antennas to the AP, connect the AP to the network and power it up.. and than the AP will receive all the necessary settings and automatically start to broadcast SSID.


How can I achive this goal? Is it possible? 

The best is without having to pre-stage the AP boot, obviously, due to the "time consuming" task for more than 500 devices.

Thx a lot!

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Re: automatic setting of antenna gain on AP304

Have you had any luck with this?
We have over a thousand that we need to do. 

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