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bandwidth contract options



Recently I started to make use of the bandwidth contract feature in the Aruba controller. With a newly configurd user role, this is working perfectly.


Because I want to fine-tune and/or expand this to various services, the bandwidth contract options seems to be limited an application list only.

My two questions/requierements are as follows:


1- Is there a possibility to configure source/destination IP networks using bandwidth contracts?

2- Can I manually configure layer 4 ports instead of selecting the available application list?


Both options seem not to be available in neither the GUI or CLI.

I'm using Aruba 7200's with


The reason is I need to be able to distinguish between local and internet destinations, where local traffic should be excluded from the bandwidth contract.

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Re: bandwidth contract options

anyone with a possible solution to this requierement?


I would like to be able to use bandwidth contracts to limit the total amount of allowed bandwidth (ap group) to the internet, but with an exclusion of the local network.

Using BC on a interface will not work as both internal and external travel over the same interface.

The option to be able to configure network ranges in the exclusion list, like it is currently possible with applications/web categories, would help me accomplishing this challenge.


Ofcourse I'm open to know about a different solution, if the same result can be achieved.

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