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before / after test (turning off wide channel)

(Controller environment.)

I want to experiment with changing (turning off) channel bonding in certain areas of our campus. 


example below: I'm seeing CCI at 80 and 40 mhz widths.


My question is what metric should I use to measure, just walking around the area with my laptop, to do a before and after experiment?

I'm assuming my throughput potential will drop, but will my signal strength numbers increase?   

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Re: before / after test (turning off wide channel)

I wouldn't expect a change in signal level based purely on channel width changes.


Thoughput changes can be observed with your laptop as you move around the venue. Throughput can also be tracked via the controller dashboard.


Channel utilization should also change, possibly also retry rates depending on current channel utilization with the 80MHz channels. Channel utilization and retry rates can be observed from the controller dashboard.

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