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can 620 controller support ap 205??



I have a customer who has 620 controller and AP 105-5 qty. Now client wants an adiitional 105 AP. As 105 is now end of life, we have to suggest 205. Please help me if 620 controller can support AP 205? 620 is currently running on


Re: can 620 controller support ap 205??

Just be aware, 620 Will be limit to 256 in the DHCP server.

and yes,you may install bugs in cp image viewing) or or any oher 6.4.2.X version you would like.

i advise you first to upgrade to and then to or (no images under captive portal bug)

start with:


and then decide: (both versions supporting the 205)



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Re: can 620 controller support ap 205??

You need upgrade 620 firmware to 6.4.1.x, because for AP-205 only support 6.4.1.x and above.


Before you upgrade to 6.4.1.x make sure your 620 controller have enough memory and storage.

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