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can't create user roles

i factory defaulted a controller and got the alert message below:

   Error: Role 'authenticated' is Unknown


i now want to solve this but am unable to add user roles in general, neither via the GUI (apply button is greyed out) and via the CLI (command user-role in config mode is unkown, doesnt work).


controller has role master.

ArubaOS (MODEL: Aruba620), Version

anything else to try, except try rebuilding from scratch?


CLI output

(Aruba620) (config) #user-role authenticated
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.
(Aruba620) (config) #user-role test
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

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Re: can't create user roles

Do you  have the Policy Enforcement License?


Type "show keys" at the commandline or "show license"


You probably have to put your licenses back in, because you factory defaulted.


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Re: can't create user roles

thanks, somehow the licenses were there, but not on activated status i now noticed.


after i enabled them i did loose some other profiles i created before via the captive portal route, might be a fluke i could create those in the first place.


anyway, i can go on, thank you.

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