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cert for Aruba controller for RAS certification - how to prevent popup

We have a WIndows domain and Windows server running RADIUS authentication for devices conecting to the network. The Aruba controller is configured to use the RADIUS server for authentication and everything works. The problem is that it pops up with a "accept" prompt for the self-signed cert in the Aruba (see attachment - which is a screenshot from an ipad)


I am assuming the problem is because ithe Aruba controller has a self-signed cert and I need to go to GoDaddy or someplace similar to obtain a cert, but what kind would I use and how would I install it into the controller? There is a certificate area in the "Configuration" section so the actual upload of the file is easy, but how does it connect to the RADIUS authentication system?


We have a Aruba3600 running 6.3 (we still have AP65's on campus)


Any help would be appreciated!


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Re: cert for Aruba controller for RAS certification - how to prevent popup

You will always get this prompt (even with a publicly signed cert) unless you pre-configure your devices using something like Group Policy/Profile Manager or QuickConnect. This is a normal part of the 802.1X/EAP process.

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