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clearpass odbc db/http filter query - what info is available from clearpass to send?

When writing a query filter I've seen an example in dells documentation:


which shows a query which references start_time, expire_time and returns password and 225 or 226.


Normally when one writes a filter there are a set of values (eg username, password, ip, mac) which are particular to the host attempting to be authenticated and these are checked against the database to see if they are allowed. 


What I would like to know is what are the set of values which clearpass are avaliable to send which identifies the client so that we can write a query which will locate if this host is authenticated and how do we speficy those values in the query.  Also what should the return values look like - in the example it looks like the password and a code of 225/226 are returned.


Also for the http query - is that something which is just sent to a web server and if so what are the get values which are passed - and what needs to be returned to authenticate or not.


If there is some documentation or examples of exactly how this is to be set up I would appreciate those pointers.





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