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client not choosing nearest AP


I have 2.4ghz client  ,in a multi story building with open hallway .2.4 Ghz client always connection to an ap which is not near to the client .

What could be the reason behind ?

Thank you

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Re: client not choosing nearest AP

That could mean that the power on your access points is too high, or your client is simply making a poor decision. Truthfully, the client always makes the decision to roam, but you can influence it by raising and lowering the power of your access points. The open hallway design creates an issue where several access points can be seen very well, but they are very far away. Access points could also be seen on the floors above and below, and that could be your issue. A better design is to deploy in the rooms, typically.  Please see the section "The problem with hallway aps" in the VRD here:  http://community.arubanetworks.com/aruba/attachments/aruba/Aruba-VRDs/24/1/Next%20Generation%20Wireless%20Architecture%20for%20Multimedia-Grade%20Residence%20Halls.pdf

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