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client's MAC flapping between AC1 and AC2

Hello everyone,

We have two controllers which relationship is master and local.

Our topo is :

AC1 -----------------(Po100) Switch(Po91)---------------- AC2

Most of AP belong to AC1 ,while a part of AP belong to AC2

The forward mode is tunnel

There are lots of mac flapping log in the switch %SW_MATM-4-MACFLAP_NOTIF: Host 989e.63dc.d061 in vlan 5 is flapping between port Po100 and port Po91


How can I fix the mac flap?


Thank you for any answers.

MVP Guru

Re: client's MAC flapping between AC1 and AC2

Is there any network interruptions in your environment? Run the below command on each controller to identify why the AP is switching between each controller. Does the AP terminate its GRE tunnel on a VRRP or LMS/BLMS of each controller? Have you checked the switch ports where the AP is connected to? Is this affecting a single AP or all APs?


#show log all | Include [AP NAME]


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