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controller DNS discovery



If multiple controller address are send by DNS while controller discovery, if the first address correspond of a controller with lower (not supported) version does the AP try to join the next addresses in the DNS list ?

In the opposite case : if the first address met correspond of a higher (not supported) version, does it try the next addresses ?





Sources :

"When using DNS, AP learns multiple IP addresses to associate with a controller. If the primary controller is unavailable or does not respond, the AP continues through the list of learned IP addresses until it establishes a connection with an available controller. This takes approximately 3.5 minutes per controller."

(from : https://www.arubanetworks.com/techdocs/ArubaOS_64_Web_Help/Content/ArubaFrameStyles/AP_Config/AP_discovery_ADP.htm).

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Re: controller DNS discovery

The AP only tries a new ip address if the controller does not respond.

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Re: controller DNS discovery

Thank you

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