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controller command to identify AP or converted IAP

I know i have several IAPs in my network and i am trying to identify them.  Is there a command in the controller (6.3) that will show me which APs are AP-105s and which are IAP-105s? In #show ap database they all show up as 105.  I would like to replace 2  the IAP-105s with IAP-225s and send the IAP-105s to a new remote site.


AP Database
Name                     Group        AP Type  IP Address      Status               Flags  Switch IP     Standby IP
----                     -----        -------  ----------      ------               -----  ---------     ----------
bcc-rap155-1             bcc-rap      RAP-155  Up 41d:12h:11m:12s   Rc2
ncsh-aruba-1st-flr       ncsh         105    Up 7d:12h:4m:35s     2
ncsh-aruba-2nd-flr       ncsh         105    Up 7d:12h:5m:18s     2
wpp-aruba-1-air          air-monitor  93    Up 130d:10h:48m:23s  2
wpp-aruba-1-lobby        wpp-toa-1    105    Up 130d:10h:48m:8s   2
wpp-aruba-1-mri          wpp-toa-1    105    Up 130d:10h:48m:10s  2
wpp-aruba-1-ptgym        wpp-toa-1    105    Up 130d:10h:48m:11s  2
wpp-aruba-1-ptoffice     wpp-toa-1    105    Up 130d:10h:48m:1s   2



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Re: controller command to identify AP or converted IAP

If you want to do it quickly, you can do a "show ap database long" and ask TAC based on the mac address what part it is.


A more long-term alternative is to sign up for Aruba Activate, which will keep track of all of that for you;  



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