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Re: controller selection

Soon one model should come 7205 which should
Support 256 ap maximum

For your situation it's better go with IAP model
And tunnel the virtual controller to existing controller
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Re: controller selection

So many new things to understand. 


If I have 80 radios that are not IAPs and need to add 10 more for a new campus (assuming IAPs), would the 80 controller-based APs still be able to be failed over to the IAP should the 3600 controller die?


Trying to understand how an IAP solution could work with an existing controller-based one.  I've thought in the past that you have to do one or the other, but not both.


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Re: controller selection


The link would help

Use IAP access point for example IAP 103
U purchase and than would connect to network switch
It gets IP address
Provision the access point with creating ssid

Connect remaining 9 IAP

It will be in cluster maximum IAP you can connect
Is 128

Here we are using distributed architecture and only
What I need is managment plane to login to virtual controller
Which internally indicates amount other IAP

If one IAP fails other becomes master and so on

Your purpose to provide user with internet or network
Service is achived
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Re: controller selection


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