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copy controller configuration

We have a 3400 series controller, and we want to upgrade to 3600 . If there a way to copy all the configuration from 3400 to 3600 including network configuration(VRRP,vlans ect) . 

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Re: copy controller configuration

you can backup the flash from the old controller and restore them on the new controller. 


The Below KB article should help you 



Vinod Kumaar AVM ACMX, ACDX
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Re: copy controller configuration

Dear Vinod,

Thanks for your response and suggestion . Will the flash contain license information . If i copy flash from 3400 to 3600 will it copy licenses too . 


Re: copy controller configuration

In terms of licenses - take a look at this thread:

John Solberg

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Re: copy controller configuration

you need to copy the licenses to the flash first. find the export/import license under controller configuration -> licenses


though, i think the licenses is bound by the SN of the controller.

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Re: copy controller configuration

Thanks, will this work if we want to copy the exact configuration from 3400 to 3600 controllers ?

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Re: copy controller configuration

well, i never tried it but i think yes with a little adjustment in ports and ip configuration.


make sure you try it first before fully implement it.

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Aruba Employee

Re: copy controller configuration

If you are paranoid (like me), you might want to do a "show ap active" and grab a list of the connected APs.




If on the same L2 network, they should all come back on okay.  But if there are problems (different L2 etc), then you at least have a quick cheat sheet of which APs might be looking for a home.

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