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deprovisioning/reconfiguring AP on different controller

Hi all,


I have found myself totally over my head at this point.  I have a current configuration with a 650 controller and 105 APs.  I need to set up a temporary network for a one day benefit event.  Because of logisitics and lack of PoE access, it was easier to borrow a 2400 controller that was taken out of service from another school.   My goal is to take 2 of my currently provisioned access points, and set them up with the 2400 controller.  So far, I've been unable to see  the APs directly connected to the 2400.  My guess is that I need to deprovision it from the 650 and reconfigure it here.  


So far, my google-fu is failing me.  Am I totally off? Can someone point me in the right direction?






Re: deprovisioning/reconfiguring AP on different controller

Maybe it has a static ip address, could be many things... f you got your AP on your desk just console it

When its booting up break key so you get in the ap boot... (you just need to press any key when its booting up until you see the apboot>


Now here yo can see what config it has.... you can do a print to see the configuration and change it to what you need...

or you can simply do a purgeenv

that command will delete all the config stored on your AP


IF you are plugging it directly to the controller you will needa dhcp server on the controller so it get an ip address... he will see the controller as the master and you will see it on the webview of the wireless controller


If you are connecting it from anther swithc on another ntwork then you willl need to put statically who is the wireless controller and the ip addressand gateway  etc if you not provinding dhcp either....

If you providing DHCP and you got a dns in there then you can do something else... now i need a better picture of what is your scenario so i can tell you step by step what you can do...


IF it just something provisinonal i would just do this


get theAP console

get to the apboot


setenv ipaddr

setenv netmask

setenv gatewayip

setenv serverip

setenv master


Serverip and master ip is the ip of the wirelses controller




reset and you will see the ap on the gui of the 2400.


when you finish you can do purgeenv again and well configure it again to your normal wireless controller whatever method you using to provision it... DNS, DHCP etc etc.



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Re: deprovisioning/reconfiguring AP on different controller



I wanted to thank you for getting back to me.


I haven't had a chance to try out your solution yet, as I had to pick up a console cable from the school, and am desperately trying to find a power cord for an old PC notebook, as it's the only non-mac device I have in the office.  (Haven't had to plug in a DB-9 in I don't know how long!)   I'm also hoping that I will be able to hook the access point into the controller for power when I am logging into the console.


Will reply more once I have all the resources up and running!

Re: deprovisioning/reconfiguring AP on different controller

You should be able also to log in your controller

And pre provision that AP with the paramethers of the other controller.... the thing is that if for some reason something goes wrong on that ap you will need the console cable...

You should not have problem doing it... but like i said you should always have your console cable....


Anyways you dont need a laptop with db-9 you can always get an adapter like a keyspan



It works for mac also...


Thats the one i got for my windows 8 tablet :)




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