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device not connecting to nearest ap

Hi all,


I'm not sure if this is on the right board...please move if necessary.


I have 15 iap-105's and no controller besides the virtual controller. I have client matching turned on. For the most part everything is working really well but I have 2 situations that are similar and need to be addressed.


1) In one classroom I have an AP, a projector that has a wifi connection, and a Dell tablet. The projector and the tablet will not connect to the AP in that room. They will connect to AP's on other floors in the building. If I take my tablet (the same model as the teachers)  into that room it will connect to the AP no problem. So do student devices. With the projector and teacher tablet connecting to APs in other parts of the building it makes for very poor performance.


How can I get them on the same AP (preferably the AP in that room) for best performance.? And what logs should I be looking at to troubleshoot this?


2) For the second case I have a phone that is used to scan credit cards and I want to set it up on its own VLAN. The VLAN is not a problem but I only want the wired portion of that VLAN to connect directly to the nearest AP. In other words, I don't want to setup that VLAN on all of my switches. I want a direct path from the AP to the firewall. .


Can I make that VLAN only accessible on a single AP or can I configure the wifi so that phone will only connect to that single AP and then have Internet access for the credit card?


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Re: device not connecting to nearest ap

there are some tools / drivers that enable you to select a specific BSSID so you can make sure it connects to that. perhaps that is an option? though it might be impossible for the beamer.


as for the VLAN, you probably can, but with instant it will be difficult to exclude the SSID from all other APs, coudl you setup a seperate AP from the others?

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Re: device not connecting to nearest ap



Clients ALWAYS make the decison to associate to one access point over another.  We can try to influence this with ClientMatch, but ultimately the client will choose.  If you have reasonable AP density, you can attempt to turn down the ARM-MAX power by two or three so that access points outside of a client's room will be less attractive to that client.  See if that works.


For the client on a different VLAN, what encryption does it support and what encryption are you using for your other clients?

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Re: device not connecting to nearest ap

Thanks cjoseph,


I turned down the arm earlier this year and didn't notice a difference. After bumping it down a little more it has helped.


For the encryption we will use 802.1x PEAP with MSCHAPv2 for all devices. The VLAN will be assigned based on the user login and AD group.




As for the VLAN,  a separate AP is a possibilty but it isn't very scaleable. When we begin to add readers in different parts of the network it will start to be an issue. However, it could be a temp fix and later the AP could be repurposed.

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