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dhcp scope

Hi, I have Controller version  I want to configure dhcp scope for guest access, i have only one vlan, and i want to create dhcp scope with subnet for same vlan. 

This case is posible?

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Re: dhcp scope

Yes, configure it at:


Configuration > Network > IP > DHCP server

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Re: dhcp scope

I was configured that, but is in same vlan with my other SSID, i need to use only one subnet with 25 bits for guest SSID.

This is my configuration:

Vlan 10, /22

DHCP(server AD), give

i want to access with guest users to


WLAN virtual-ap "VAP-Guest"

vlan 10



I hope this example was correct... and sorry for my english

Re: dhcp scope

IF the internal users are on VLAN 10 and they get their DHCP from an external source AND you want to use the SAME VLAN for guests, then this will not be possible.


I would do this:


Create another VLAN and it does NOT have to exist on the LAN.  Then in the IP settings on the controller, I would enable source NAT.  What would happen here would be that the gust network would only exist on the controller and all guest traffic would source NAT out of the controller on VLAN 10.

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Re: dhcp scope

I have one problem: I can olny use the vlan10


About your second option, we have firewall for our internet, and this firewall have internal ip, with the NAT, Can i put any ip for guest users and with NAT can see the vlan10?


Thank you for your time.

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