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failower wan on 651 controller


i am using 651 OS. as boundary device.

I want to use two WAN links primary/backup via different provider modems for failover when the primary link is unreachable.

Is it possible to set automatic failover switching on aruba.


Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: failower wan on 651 controller

This will only work if the physical link goes down.  The failover cannot detect if traffic is interrupted upstream.


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Re: failower wan on 651 controller

Sorry for my poor english.

Well as those are provider modems, the physical layer stays allways up, but the IP layer or the connectivity itself is not reachable.

Is there anything simmilar to the SLA (service level agreement) that could check the conectivity either to a specific IP or service.

What about the 3G backup modem supported directly in OS, how does the controller know that it is the time to switch to the backup? Or how does the VRRP standby controller know, which WAN to choose from.

I know that the 650 is not designed as a boundary device, but as a typical branch controller, it might be able to sense WAN connectivity, i am now pretty amazed by the lack of such feature.

But as there are allways many useful undocumented features, i hope that somebody has a clue.



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Re: failower wan on 651 controller

Well, dont get me wrong, i am not comparing any feature rich/ expensive load balancing device. But in my situation i really miss the feature?
So the 3G backup is also dependent on the physical layer cutoff?? Then it makes no sense for me to add 3g backup to the current configuration.
I dont like too many boxes in the network configuration but maybe i am forced to add a router in front of controller in this situation.
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Re: failower wan on 651 controller

I think the only way you're likely to achieve this is via dynamic routing. For instance, maybe you could enable OSPF between the controller and the two outside routers? Then redistribute the default route from both outside routers towards the controller with different metrics to prioritise?



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Re: failower wan on 651 controller

Well motorola is not user accesible, i could get the control of it, but it is not supporting OSPF as long as i know.


primary Motorola docsis modem SBG 6120

failower Cradlepoint CBA 750 (cradlepoint not supporting OSPF)




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