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fair-access question

Hi everyone,


I wondered if someone could tell me if I am configuring fair-access correctly?


We have a mix of 802.11n and 802.11g clients and I want to make sure that they both get an equal share of the airtime. I have read on a previous post that configuring fair-access should allow me to do this. Here is what I have done thus far and wondered if it is correct? We have a mobility 650 controller by the way.




1. I edited the Wireless | AP Configuration | AP Group (Default) | QOS | 802.11a Traffic Management Profile and created a new policy for fair-access


2. In the Share(%) field of the fair-access policy I entered 50 and then clicked Add


3. I then applied the fair-access policy to both 802.11a Traffic Management Profile and 802.11g Traffic Management Profile


If the above steps are familiar to anyone on here, does this mean that the bandwidth will now be equally shared between 802.11n and 802.11g clients? I am a new to Aruba and not quite sure that I have configured it as I think I have. I have attached a screenshot to show what I mean.


Oh and one last thing, is it possible to delete fair-access policies within QOS after they have been created? I have one or two that I created earlier to see what they do but I no longer need them, I can't seem to find a way of getting rid of them. The only option is to either select an existing policy or create a new one? I have also added a screenshot for this to show what I mean.




Kind regards



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Re: fair-access question

You only need to configure the station shaping policy, not the virtual AP policy percentage above that, to acheive the results you need.


To not use any policy, just change the traffic management profile to N/A

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Re: fair-access question

Thank you very much for your help.


Much appreciated.


Kind regards

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