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getting dhcp nack for iap 225 through Avaya ERS 5000 switch

At this time, mI have (32) IAP 225's installed on my network.  They are managed via Airwave.  They were working fine.  They get a DHCP address via our server which has reservations set up via the IAP MAC addresses.  We have swapped out the switches that they connected to and are now using Avaya ERS 5000 switches instead.  I believe that I have the VLAN's set up correctly, matching what we had on the previous switches.  The IAP ports are set with PVID 21 (the wireless VLAN) and egress that VLAN tagged.,  It is also allowed to pass the Default VLAN (VID 1) and egresses that untagged. 


At this time, the IAP's request their reserved address, but are getting a DHCP NACK response, as seen from the serial port management on the IAP.  If I put the IAP and DHCP server on a Procurve switch, it all works fine.  Therefore, I assume that something on the Avaya switch is not right.  I am not doing any routing on the switch, but wonder if I have to set that up so that I can implement DHCP Relay.  Not sure.  Any advice would be appreciated.


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Re: getting dhcp nack for iap 225 through Avaya ERS 5000 switch

What is the specific configuration on the Avaya?  We need more information..

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Re: getting dhcp nack for iap 225 through Avaya ERS 5000 switch

I solved this. The switches that the Aruba IAPs connect to had reverted their configuration and we're not setting the proper VLAN. I fixes that config and all is well.
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