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guest WLAN config questions

I'm not even sure what to google on this one, so I will explain what I have and hopefully you can give me some direction that I use to read more into. 


I have a w-620 Controller, and 5 AP -105s broadcasting 2 WLANs. Our DHCP is handled by A Win 2008r2 machine. Every scope of our DHCP routes computers through a internet-keyword-filter as a default gateway. I would like to convert one of our WLANs to a PSK network that circumvents the filter box to simplify our guest network, as the filter box requires client side software install.


Can I use the W620 as a DHCP server for one of our two networks? I think putting it in a different subnet from our school network would be smart. If not, where do I start for creating an alternate dhcp rule for clients that access wireless through a certain WLAN?


I am a visual thinker and created an image detailing what I have and what I foresee as the options for accomplishing what I want, and I think they may aide in clearing up any confusion. Please take a look and tell me what you guys think.


Much thanks!


Re: guest WLAN config questions

YES you can.

You can build a different vlan on the 620 itself + DHCP POOL + guest policies + guest aaa + ssid on the 620 for that speseic guests network  use. (don't forget to nat the traffic) and u done.





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