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help configuring AP 125 for first time



I have unpacked wireless access point AP125.  In the command prompt, it does print "BOOTP broadcast 5 Retry count exceeded; starting again".  Looks like we need to load OS in that.  Is that correct?


Please clarify few things:


1. Do we need Mobility Controller to configure anything on the AP after loading OS.  Or with standalone AP I can configure it.

2. I have 3600 mobility controller. Is that OK?




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Re: help configuring AP 125 for first time

That message means that the access point is not getting DHCP.


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Re: help configuring AP 125 for first time

Hello what you need to do  is a way of that AP 125 to find that Wireless controller


1-On your DNS server create a new record A with the name aruba-master  and give it the IP address of the Wireless controller

2-On the vlan you are connecting the AP125 give it IP with DHCP and of course onthe dhcp server tell it that his primary dhcp server is your DNS server which you put the record A of aruba-master

3-At this point the AP should be able to communicate with the Controller


Be sure that the Vlan of the AP 125 can reach the IP of the wireless controller!


On the controller under configuration  on the tab that it says control plane security before doing all that check if the CPsec is on or off

If its off then you have to do nothing... if it on be sure you have autocert enrollment so the AP can get his Cert automcatically... after you done provisioning the AP then click off the autcert enrollement

i hopte this helps you




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Re: help configuring AP 125 for first time


Removing my answer, cjoseph and nightshade answered it already 



Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: help configuring AP 125 for first time

Thanks a lot for your reply.  PLease clarify my following doubts:


1. I got into console of AP 125, and whatever I type, it says 'Permission Denied'.  Is it possible for me to configure SSID in the AP without using mobility controller.


2. which file in the AP 125 have the start-up configuration stored.




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Re: help configuring AP 125 for first time

1. No, you can't use an AP 125 stand alone

2. unsure, but you shouldn't have to mess with it.

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