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high Amplitude



i have question about  figure ,


The Circle on figure is power of signal from Acess Point  name "three three engineer"  that radiate to client on channel 6   and  -40 dbm = .0000989 mW Signal or not ?


thx you for anwser !!   :smileyhappy:




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Re: high Amplitude

Yes, -40dBm is 0.0001 mW.

Regarding the signal on the picture I am not sure that it is coming from the AP. Is this a constant signal you see or it was just a temporary peak when you took the screenshot? What is this software? Btw it says -83 for that SSID and it is on channel 6 where you should see the most power.

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Re: high Amplitude

Yes ,  it was just a temporary peak    and  will shown every 1 sec


I'm  use  Metageek channelyzer Pro  :smileyhappy:

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Re: high Amplitude

It can be even a non Wi-Fi interference. As far as I know that software can classify devices amongst many other useful feature. Can you see this peak only at that frequency?

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