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how many branch controllers can home to a local HQ controller?

We currently have three 7010 branch controllers deployed at remote sites. We use centralized licensing so do not license the controllers directly. There are a few wired jacks and an AP or two at each location. Clients receive campus vlans tunneled back to our HQ network. They all connect in to one of our production local 7220 controllers. Overall this works well but not perfect. I did a manual config for each, used static IP addresses with Comcast, used differing subnet choices for tunnels, and the tunnels get finicky if there is a power outage. I always meant to revisit the design.

I was just informed that we will be deploying about 15 more branch controllers this summer. I want to dedicate a separate local controller as the DMZ host for all of the branch controllers. I want to use a local for this because I want to push out the policies, vlans and profiles from our campus deployment. I also want to migrate our existing three deployments off of 7220 where we host hundreds of campus APs..

My question is this. How many branch controllers can I home to a single local controller on campus? Is there a limit? If I use a 7010 is the limit 32? Can I configure a second local controller as redundancy?

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