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how many clients on aruba's AP


can anyone tell me how many users can connect to the follow APs







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Re: how many clients on aruba's AP

The limit for all is 255.

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Re: how many clients on aruba's AP

that's "on the page" info...

it's not realy possible that all those models have the same client number and almost everything alse is the same to....


real time working- how many can log?

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Re: how many clients on aruba's AP



See "Max number of associated clients per radio " in the attached matrix. 


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Re: how many clients on aruba's AP

in the ACSS certifacation, it says there are different numbers.

do you know what is relavent and what is not?

if i remmeber correctly it says that 225 has 125 client and 215 has 75.


i ask because i saw the things you said and i don't know what's true and what's not =q

Re: how many clients on aruba's AP

I don't know what the 'ACSS Certification' is, but the physical limit for each radio on max number of clients for each model of AP you posted is 255 client devices (the limit of the PHY). Now, of course it's not recommended that the AP-103 carry the same number of clients as say the 225, as the performance of 200 clients on an AP-103 would pretty much be abysmal compared to the 225. However, you CAN put 255 associated clients per radio on each (not recommended but possible).


Recommendations (which are fluid depending on use case) could be:

AP-103 = 30

AP-20x = 50

AP-21x = 75

AP-22x = 100


These are ballpark figures to use and are NOT a fixed value (you could do 25/50/75/100 or even 30/60/90/120 if you want). 

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