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how to assign SSID to specific AP

In Headoffice i have APGROUP named OTERWIGRP in this i have two VAP profiles one is OTEGUEST and OTESTAFF these two  provisioned to all AP. I want to create another VAP profile SSID and AAA profile then map to new APGROUP then i want to add OTEGUEST and STAFF also in this new APGROUP and then provision them to specific AP

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Re: how to assign SSID to specific AP


If you want to create a new ap-group that is exactly like the other ap-group, you can do this easily on the commandline:


config t

ap-group "new-ap-group-name"

clone "old-ap-group-name"


If an access point is already part of an ap-group, it will inherit whatever VAPs are in that group.  If you want to add another VAP to that access point, you will need to do an ap-specific configuration:


config t

ap-name <name of ap>

 virtual-ap <name of VAP>


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