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how to generate demo license for the APs


Re: how to generate demo license for the APs


If you are a partner you use to have that access but now i guess they removed that access to do so(not sure if they are putting them again).   when they migrate to the new license portal.   You can ask your SE to generate those license for you.


IF you are a client, ask your partner, they should be able  to help you with this.




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Re: how to generate demo license for the APs

You can call Aruba support to assist with this as well (1-800-WIFI-LAN) in the US. The "Welcome Center" can generate the eval licenses, however, they may need to transfer you to a support representative. After speaking with a support representative, they will transfer you back to the welcome center who will generate the certificate ID's.


Make sure that you have already migrated your licensing account over to the new HPe portal.



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