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how to get wifi clients mac address?

am not able to get aruba wifi clients mac address in my forti analyser device, i am getting aruba controller mac only in all clients 'mac address' column, how to get each auba wifi clients mac add in my forti analyser?

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Re: how to get wifi clients mac address?

Are you sending syslog to your Fortianalyzer?  Try turning on user debugging from the commandline of the controller:


config t

logging level debugging user



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Re: how to get wifi clients mac address?

see i am getting aruba controller logs from forti analyser, but it contains lot of informations, so it is really hard to find the clients mac addresses.

i need to get the wifi clients directly to hit the firewall, then this problem will be solved.

i find no problem to get clients mac addresses in LAN, because lan clients directly hit the firewall port to access the internet, so it provides each and every clients mac address.

but in wifi controller 3 vlan's are there.

How to configure, for aruba wifi clients to directly hit the firewall to access the internet?

we configured 3 vlans, 172.16.x.x; 192.16.100.x; 10.0.0.x;

do u understand?

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Re: how to get wifi clients mac address?

check this screen shot, u will understand.

look for mac addresses.

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Re: how to get wifi clients mac address?

you are pretty much asking us to redesign your network for you sundar. that is kinda risky via a forum so do you perhaps a have a networking / firewall / wireless partner you could engage for this?


in general it would be something like this:

from the limited information you provide you probably use the Aruba controller or Instant APs as a router / gateway for your wireless clients. if that isn't what you want you can consider putting the Fortigate also in those wireless networks and use it as the router / gateway. things to consider is which device does dhcp currently, do you use any roles / ACLs on the Aruba part, ...

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