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howto upgrade firmware on new 325: the X-over way

Hi all,

No question, just something I like to share on how I succeeded in upgrading a new 325. I read all the articles on mixed 205 and 325 cluster. And the trouble on first getting the 325 on the correct firmware level before it showed up in an existing 205 Instant cluster.

This is what I did:

  • X-over LAN cable between PC and 325

  • Connect console cable to 325


  • Have 325 new firmware ready on desktop of W7 PC
  • watch boot of 325 and notice the default IP address of (at least in my case)
  • Put PC LAN IP to (for example)
  • web browse to the 325 IP and login with admin/admin
  • from there, do the firmware upgrade procedure in the GUI

During this, my 325 rebooted once, if I was not fast enough (say 3 minutes) in doing the browser connection. Why? I dont know. Probably some timer issue.

Anyhow, after the upgrade I put the 325 online and it nicely showed up in the Instant cluster.


besr regards


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Re: howto upgrade firmware on new 325: the X-over way

That's one way of doing it. :-) Easier would be to boot up the IAP-325 on a separate VLAN so it does not try to join the IAP205 cluster. The AP would advertise "instant" SSID, which you can connect to. Then browse to "instant.arubanetworks.com" when connected to the "instant" SSID and upgrade as per your note.


Good to know the option you outlined as well.



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Re: howto upgrade firmware on new 325: the X-over way

Thx, Mike. Correct.

But I didnt have quick access to a separate VLAN and DHCP.

So, I tried this solution. And, besides, it was fun mucking around again with a serial session :-)


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