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iDevices randomly receiving authentication requests

We have a bit of a complicated set-up for our wireless, and we have the issue down to it's either an iDevice issue or a proxy issue. I know this issue isn't with our wireless configuration. I am hoping someone has seen this before, and knows of a fix for it. Here is what is happening...


Some of our users are receiving request to authenticate to the internet proxy at random times throughout the day. Some users get the authentication request 10 minutes after they authenticate to the proxies and are surfing around. Most of them are hitting cancel, and are continuing to surf with no other issues for a day or two. I've had a few users get the authentication request just going between floors or even going from one office to another.


Our current set-up for iDevices is they are managed by MacAfee EMM, we are using EAP-TLS onto the wireless network. EMM is also pushing the certificates out to the iDevices. This piece is running flawless.


We are using Bluecoat Proxies for our internet proxies. The iDevices are using the PAC file since it is the only way to get an iDevice to differentiate between local URL and Internet only URL. All users get prompted the first time they try to go outside of the local network. Once the user authenticates, a cookie is put on the device that establishes the user session. We are using both user level as well as group level policies.


Have any of you come across this issue? Do you know of a fix for this issue?


Thanks for your help.

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Re: iDevices randomly receiving authentication requests

My guess would be users are getting this when their devices flip over to 3G and back to wifi. This can happen on iDevices with 3G when roaming from AP to AP. If these iDevices have 3G, try disabling cellular data (both 3G and 2G). See if the problem still exists.

Zach Jennings
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Re: iDevices randomly receiving authentication requests

Turning off 3G works, but the problem is for the managers to remember to turn it on or off whether they are in the building or not. It looks like the better way is to get the proxies to use the certificate on the iDevice for authentication. Thanks for your help.

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