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iPad 4's Losing Connection

Hi all, I'm running 2x7210's in Master/Local with v6.5.3.2 and AP215's.


We run a ton of different devices (Laptops, Chromebooks, iPad4, Air, Air2, etc etc) and we're having a problem specifically with the iPad4's. They did not have this problem last year and we haven't made any large changes to either the Aruba config or the iPads.


However, they have a problem which sounds a lot like what's described in THIS thread about Surface laptops. The iPad appears to be connected, it has an IP address. I can ping that IP from my laptop, but it simply refuses to go anywhere, either internally or externally. Usually if you restart the device it will work for a while, but eventually will stop working again. It's strange because it's these specific devices, the rest of the fleet seems fine.


I did a packet capture from the controller/AP and when the device is not functioning there are a lot of 802.11 'Null Function (No Data)' packets whcih seems very strange. (screenshot attached)



I'm planning on opening a TAC case today, but sometimes the answers here are faster. Any advice would be very much appreciated!

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Re: iPad 4's Losing Connection

Had long talk with TAC and we determined that the iPad itself isn't sending any traffic to the AP's, despite being connected. Very strange stuff. I would love any suggestions as this is going to drive me up the wall.

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Re: iPad 4's Losing Connection

For the record, I ended up figuring out the issue, and surprise surprise it was not Aruba related. (local iPad web filter malfunctioning)


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