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iPad freezes or slow while mirroring



We have noticed an issue here with iPad mirroring, some time with some iPad’s (ios 7) while mirroring iPad gets dead slow (freezes), mirrored screen shows black, no content on the projector screen. If we turn off mirroring, ipad becomes normal, but for mirroring to work  only option is to reboot.  we use ARUBA Code issue faced even with previous ARUBA code. Issue noticed after IOS upgraded to 7. Any suggestion ?




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Re: iPad freezes or slow while mirroring

Is it an iPad 2 and what are you mirroring to?
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Re: iPad freezes or slow while mirroring

I'd suggest you have a look at what's going on using something like omnipeek. This will give you information on what's actually happening at the packet level. If you're on an open network (or have provided a PSK for WPA2-Personal secured networks) you'll also be able to see higher level information which may indicate the source of the problem. 


These things can be really time consuming to resolve.. I spent a long time troubleshooting an intermittent application problem with iPads where they'd freeze up for 30-40 seconds. Never found a smoking gun, but picked up half a dozen things to tweak on the WLAN while I was at it... and the problem just stopped being reported. 

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Re: iPad freezes or slow while mirroring

iPad 2 & iPad 3. We use projector.

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Re: iPad freezes or slow while mirroring



- It only existed when you upgraded to IOS 7, please open a case with Apple and get their opinion.

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