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iPhone Roaming issues



We have a site with a 651 controller (v5.0.4.1) with three ap-125s. The users there are using an Apple Airplay (wifi) server and iPhones (v5.0.1) as clients. The wifi SSID is using WPA2-psk.


The users are noticing that when they are roaming with their iPhones, there is a noticeable "hiccup" when switching from one AP to another. When stationary, the users do not experience any interruption of service.


Any suggestions for eliminating / /smoothing out the roaming between APs for iPhone (any Apple) clients?



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Re: iPhone Roaming issues



Check these two threads out, they should be helpful.    Most likely poor or lack of OKC support on the device is causing the attempt to re-use keys that the client hasn't cached.      Disabling OKC on the dot1x profile and enabling PMKID validation should improve roaming significantly.






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