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iPhone sync issues

Looks like I have the opposite issue than the posts here. I need to allow iphone syncing with the macbooks but for some reasone I cannot get it to allow. Any ideas what needs to be done?

Aruba Employee

Re: iPhone sync issues

That uses Bonjour. Bonjour uses broadcasts to find the devices. You will need to enable broadcast traffic.

I don't recommend it.

Zach Jennings

Re: iPhone sync issues

You can always see what an application/device is doing by issuing a 'show datapath session table | include x.x.x.x '  where x.x.x.x = the IP address of the device.


This command provides an overview of all traffic that is coming from or going to a given client.


Very hand when debugging or answering the question "What do I have to allow?" for a given use-case.