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impact of "Frame Receive Error Rate Exceeded "



For a warehouse location, my 7240 controller is giving me excessive logging around frame receive error rate exceeded. An example can be found below.

What can be the cause of this? And can this have negative impact on the client, or is this related to the clients NIC?


Oct  2 06:46:42  wms[3856]: <126057> <WARN> |wms| |ids| AP(94:b4:0f:fe:9f:70@APxxx): Frame Receive Error Rate Exceeded: An AP detected that a station <mac> associated to an access point (BSSID 94:b4:0f:fe:9f:f1 and SSID <SSID> on CHANNEL 52) has exceeded the configured threshold for frame receive error rate. Additional Info: FRER:88.

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Re: impact of "Frame Receive Error Rate Exceeded "

The "Error Rate" is a parameter that you can set yourself.  The real acceptable "Error Rate" is specific to each deployment and refers to what percentage of frames to that client have errors in them.  In some very high density or high interference environments it might be okay if you have acceptable application performance.  In others, not so much.


You will need other factors, like evaluating application performance on a device to determine if you have the number set too high or too low...

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