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input errors on interfaces where there is AP-125

Hi everyone


I have detected some "input errors" on the interfaces where there are connected AP-125 access points, and only is happening in these interfaces.


The Switch is a Cisco 4507 and have all its ports in auto mode (duplex and speed), also all  AP-125 access points have eth0 and eth1 in auto mode (Controller 6000 S3)


any suggestion ?


Thank you in advance




Re: input errors on interfaces where there is AP-125

Hi Remon,


this is likely due to the AP125 doing MTU discovery by sending > 1500 byte MTU packets. You can check if the errors increment on the switch port at the same this as this counter from "show ap debug system-stats ap-name <ap>"


MTU Discovery
Probes  Responses  Last Sent  Last Rcvd
------  ---------  ---------  ---------
5533    2766       332106     332045

Switch MTU, Update sent time, Ack receive time, Current time (Time in seconds since AP booted)
1500 277477 277477 332142

you can stop it from doing this by setting the "SAP MTU" in the AP system profile, but otherwise it is harmless assuming the two are incrementing together.





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