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integrating HSIA on WLAN for Guest


i bought Tiger HSIA recently and i already have Aruba WLAN 7205 controller and AP 205, 

currently i'm planning to put HSIA as a Default Gateway for Guest. 

i have 2 SSID 

(1) Employee  ( VLAN 100 )  for employee i have 8 Mbps ADSL connection for Employee 

(2) Guest    ( VLAN 200 )  for Guest i have 30 Mbps Fiber connection for 

(3) for the employee i have Default Gateway cisco ASA 

(4) for the Guest i have installed Tiger HSIA 


here is the challenge i'm encountering. 

actually the HSIA has Captive portal built in to Authenticate user, and the HSIA has feature bandwith quota on user base, voucher etc. 

so in this case how can i configure Guest SSID, because i want to login from HSIA instead of controller. 

HSIA is Gateway of Guest network. 

can you please help me to configuration process ?




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Re: integrating HSIA on WLAN for Guest



The HSIA is the client's default gateway. HSIA has the captive portal also. So the controller just acts as a Layer-2 bridging device. So you just need to have an open SSID and map the guest-acls for the users. 



Rajaguru Vincent 



Rajaguru Vincent
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Re: integrating HSIA on WLAN for Guest


the HSIA is Gateway of Guest network , all the Guest will go internet via HSIA. but i need to autheticate from HSIA user Database (HSIA is built in Captive portal ) instead of WLAN controller , because all the Hotel Room will have username and password so the guest can put their credential and login and access to internet. 


for my internal (employee network ) i have seperate ADSL link, 

for Guest VLAN IP start from /22  gateway  (Tiger HSIA)

for employee gateway  (cisco ASA) 




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